MX.NMS-2018 is a communication equipment monitoring system developed by Multiplex Ltd. It is designed to monitor and administer a wide range of equipment installed in network operators’ communication nodes. MX.NMS-2018 has distributed hardware and software architecture, which consists of the following main components: 1 – Linux based server platform, 2 – gateway, 3 – workstations.

Multiplex NMS-2018

With MX.NMS-2018 can be monitored communication chassis and cabinets, air-conditioning controllers, access control modules, power supply equipment and more. The system allows visualizing the components of the observed equipment, status and change of their working parameters and also to set the parameters of interfaces for identification and monitoring of alarm conditions.
MX.NMS-2018 enables remote monitoring and control of MX-GK-00X rail station concentrators (4).
Operator interface is Web-based, and access can be made via tabletop or mobile computer using a standard browser. There is compatibility with popular browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).