SAMS management system is a development of Multiplex Ltd. It is designed for monitoring and control of xDSL modems WATSON type LTU. SAMS is a distributed HW/SW platform, which consists of four main elements: 1 controller (SAMU), 2 server, 3 workstation and setup and management software.

Multiplex SAMS

The controller (SAMU) is a device performing the functions of a scanning agent to which the equipment subject to monitoring and control is connected. Scanned data is compressed and stored in the non-volatile memory of the controller. In case of network connectivity to the system server, the data is transferred and stored in the server database. Two controllers have been developed: SAMU with 8-port for management and monitoring of Watson chassis or other devices, and μSAMU with 2-port for management and monitoring and monitoring of Watson chassis or other devices.
The server is a computer system running specialized software that organizes and maintains a database with the current system configuration and history for the events and alarms for devices that are scanned in the system. It works under Linux OS.
The workstation is a computer configuration with an installed Web Browser that has access to the Internet or the private corporate network. For the management of the xDSL system it is not necessary to install additional software on the workstation.
The SAMS system is a convenient and rational solution for the management of xDSL systems at regional and national level.